Honey Tasting

Also there was the honey tasting. We’d gone grocery shopping before we started the bread/cookie extravaganza and we bought two new types of honey. So we had to taste them (plus a few others we already had in our pantry) while the bread was rising…

Chili Honey

Sweet fire in a jar! I’ve never had anything like it. I love this stuff. I picked this one out, and Gabriel chose the Really Raw Honey below. It’s not ‘blow-your-ears-off’ spicy, but has just enough heat to be exciting. As if eating pieces of fresh bread slathered with honey wasn’t exciting enough…

Really Raw Honey

“Pesticide free – totally unheated and unstrained. This honey still contains pollen, propolis, honeycomb, and live enzymes – all the goodness the bees put in!” All that stuff makes a very complex, full flavor. This was the second new honey we picked up tonight.

It was an addictive counterpoint to the chili honey…spicy, sweet, spicy, sweet…

Anise Honey

The anise honey seems like more of a winter honey to me. Maybe that’s because I first ate it with baked pancakes on a surprisingly freezing day in late winter/early spring.

Gibbons’ Bee Farm Honey

We use this honey as our standard cooking honey. It is made right here in Missouri.

Orange Blossom Honey

This was actually the first exotic honey I bought. I think it comes from Spain. I used to eat it on toasted bagels, which was one of the few things we could ‘cook’ while the kitchen was under construction. It has a delicious, tropical flavor that reminds me of warm summer evenings, and my first trip to Florida as a little girl.

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