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The Bacon of the Month Club does exist, and it looks delicious.

In case you’d heard the rumors about the existence of an actual “bacon of the month” club, I’ve found it. It’s real, and, if anyone ever wanted to make Gabriel and Kristin happy for any reason, it would be a fun present. Only $150 for a year’s worth of bacon, too. Hint, hint. 🙂 Grateful […]

Fireweed Jelly

This is the last of the jar of fireweed jelly that Michael brought us from his summer in Fairbanks, AK. He harvested the fireweed and made the jelly himself while he was up north. This jar also had some jalapeño in it, so it had a fiery taste as well as color. More please.

Honey Tasting

Also there was the honey tasting. We’d gone grocery shopping before we started the bread/cookie extravaganza and we bought two new types of honey. So we had to taste them (plus a few others we already had in our pantry) while the bread was rising… Chili Honey Sweet fire in a jar! I’ve never had […]

Welcome to Kristin and Gabriel's Kitchen

Kristin and Gabriel decided to re-do their kitchen. This site will document the remodel process, the design decisions to be made, and the people who have visited, cooked, and enjoyed the final results of the kitchen project. It will feature recipies that we’ve made and will share the ongoing usage of the kitchen. This site […]