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Moroccan Chicken and Prunes

Adapted from a traditional recipe: Michael’s Moroccan Chicken and Prunes 4 large, boned chicken breasts 1 lb high-quality, pitted prunes ~10 T extra virgin olive oil ~3-4 T clear, light honey ~ 2 T grated fresh ginger ~ 1-2 T chopped, salt-cured capers (brined fine, too) ~ 2 t ground cumin 1 small-medium red onion, […]

Recipe: Warm Pear Slices with Tangerines

Warm Pear Slices with Tangerines 4 pears 2 tablespoons butter 1 tablespoon sugar 1/2 teaspoon powdered cloves 4 tangerines peeled and segmented Quarter, core, and slice the pears. (I don’t usually peel them unless I am uncertain about their derivation.) Heat in saucepot with the butter, sugar, and powdered cloves for 4 to 5 minutes. […]