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St. Louis Food Blogger Potluck

So tasty food, good people, blogger nerds. 🙂 And a really tasty macaroni and cheese with peas and bacon on top dish from the potluck: Iron Stef did a good writeup of the event. Here is a list shamelessly copied from her post about the bloggers represented at the potluck: smith family recipes sounding my […]

Baked Pancakes

Michael came over and made baked pancakes that were spectacular So tasty, cooked in a bed of golden melted butter in a well-seasoned iron skillet. Each one is baked for 13 minutes, and rises up over the edges of the pan. We made savory and sweet. Sweet didn’t have any additions to the pancake batter. […]

Cooking in the kitchen

Fun group effort working on dinner tonight. An excellent evening with Eric, Dawn, Aeneas, Michael, Kevin, Kristin and myself. We made some tasty Persian beef soup. Even Aeneas tried some food tonight too (some vanilla yogurt) but I’m not sure he liked it quite as much.

Lifting the Lid on Grilled Squid

Soaking the squid befor grilling Michael brought over some squid tonight and we grilled them right up. Sort of tricky to keep them from falling through the grate of the grill, but they turned out pretty tasty. Grilling the squid Michael making friends with the squid before we cooked it The final product – Grilled […]

Gazpacho Gone Wild

MENU: gazpacho with minced cucumber, onion & cilantro garnish angel hair pasta with cherry tomatoes, gorgonzola and fresh basil fresh baguette with anise honey fresh fruit vanilla ice cream store-bought butter cake (not gooey) chocolate chip cookies GUESTS: Michael Booth Austin Lines Austin’s Parents One thing I like about our new kitchen, something that keeps […]

Salmon and Friends

MENU: walnut bread with fireweed jelly saffron risotto grilled salmon grilled beets salad grilled peppers chocolate chip cookies pear mouses GUESTS: Michael Booth Eric Mack Nelleke Mack Nick Metzger Michael caught the salmon for this meal on the Copper River in Alaska this summer, and he also made the fireweed jelly while he was up […]

Welcome to Kristin and Gabriel's Kitchen

Kristin and Gabriel decided to re-do their kitchen. This site will document the remodel process, the design decisions to be made, and the people who have visited, cooked, and enjoyed the final results of the kitchen project. It will feature recipies that we’ve made and will share the ongoing usage of the kitchen. This site […]