Salmon and Friends

Another delicious grill dinner


  • walnut bread with fireweed jelly
  • saffron risotto
  • grilled salmon
  • grilled beets
  • salad
  • grilled peppers
  • chocolate chip cookies
  • pear mouses


  • Michael Booth
  • Eric Mack
  • Nelleke Mack
  • Nick Metzger

Michael caught the salmon for this meal on the Copper River in Alaska this summer, and he also made the fireweed jelly while he was up in Fairbanks. He smoked most of the salmon, but brought home one whole fish to eat fresh.

Gabriel made the cookies the night before in our shiny new copper KitchenAid mixer. While he was doing that, I made the saffron risotto in our heart-shaped Le Creuset pot. It was much better the 2nd time, because I used arborio rice, instead of whatever I used last time.

On the day of the feast, Gabriel grilled, and I made the pear mouses.

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