Pasta Squabble

Delicious fresh grilled tomato pasta sauce

Our friend Dr. Sally Steindorf came over for dinner this evening, and we found out just how much this beautiful new kitchen has changed us. Especially me. Sally is a vegetarian, so we decided to make penne with fresh tomato sauce. No, not the red, gloppy business that comes in a jar labeled Pragoo, which by the way, is the exact sound you hear as you unscrew the sealed lid and dump the contents into a pan. No sir. We are talking about gorgeous orange cherry tomatoes. (fresh-picked, and still warm and sugary from sitting on the vine in the sun) Fresh basil. You get the idea.

So Gabriel and I actually squabbled about who would get to make the sauce. “My turn!” “You cooked last night!” “Come on, I really want to grill…” Okay fine. I let Gabriel do the sauce because I know how much he likes his grill. And it was a stellar grilled tomato sauce.

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